Imagine that you’re working on multiple projects at once. The first one is using Node v12, the other one is using v14 and so on. It will be such a headache to adjust our local machine to each of these different set-ups. Hence, please introduce containerized development environment.

With this approach, there is no adjustment to make if you want to work on your project and switch to another project later. You’ll only need to start your containerized development environment and work inside it. Pretty simple right?

  1. Open your VSCode

2. Select extensions from left side.

3. Search remote in search bar and select ‘Remote-Containers’. Then install the same.

4. Press f1 in your keyboard and select ‘Remote-containers:Open Folder in Container’

5. Create a folder in your local machine and select the folder.

6. Select the the language from the list. I am selecting GO as example.

7. Select the GO version

8. We can install additional features also.

9. Wait for Setting up container for folder or workspace

10. Create your first GO program and enjoy the coding.

Hurray…!! keep GOing….