I am Vishnu VN, a DevSecOps engineer from Kerala, currently employed at Epixel Solutions Pvt Ltd. I possess extensive knowledge of major cloud service providers. Prior to this role, I served as a System Administrator in Mumbai. My educational background includes a B-Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. On a daily basis, I successfully resolve numerous IT-related issues. My primary focus lies in containerization, virtualization, and automation, as well as managing hardware, software, and network-related concerns. Furthermore, I have gained significant experience in operating systems, Citrix, and network fields. Additionally, I have completed the VMWARE data center virtualization course and obtained certifications in Fortinet NSE-1 and NSE-2 courses.

During my past years of experience, I found that many people struggle with their limited technical knowledge. In most cases, the problems are not issues. lack of knowledge in technology that makes them panic. These unwanted issues kill a lot of time for both the It team and the employees.

So I have decided to create a website and share my experience with others. I purchased a domain with my name, Vishnu VN. This website discusses the issues related to Windows, Linux operating systems, and DevOps operating tools. I have tried to make simple presentations for all topics. Hope everyone will help with these lessons.



AWS | digital ocean | OVH | Vultr | Zoho

CI/CD tools

Git| Continuous Integration/ Delivery pipelines | AWS code commit | AWS code Deploy | AWS ECR | automation/ integration tools like Jenkins

Containerization & virtualization

Docker | VMware | Citrix | Kubernetes

Programming languages

Python | Nodejs | Go | PHP


Mysql | MariaDB | Mongo | Postgres

Platforms and CMS

Django | Drupal | WordPress | Nodejs

Firewall and Security

Cloudflare | UFW | Fortigate | mode_security | fail2ban | AWS security group

Queue management

Redis | Rabbit-MQ | Celery

Hosting and DNS

Cloudflare | Namecheap | Godaddy

Email hosting

AWS SES | Zoho Mail


Python | Bash


Nagios | Opsgenie | AWS cloudwatch | sentry

Operating systems

Linux | Windows

Db tools

Adminer | PHPMyAdmin |beekeeper | mongo compass | pgbouncer | pg repack


Apache | Nginx

App servers

gunicorn | PM2

Windows Specific tools

RDP | registry | firewall | Hyperv | Active directory | VDI


scripting | deployed ( Go , nodejs , python , php ) pm2 |
supervisor | systemd |Aws auto scaling | curl | nginx reverse proxy | fortinet
vpn | samba | vsftp | Redmine | rocketchat |
| cloudflare workers | apt | snap | |redis | Memcached |
RabbitMQ | smtp | elasticsearch |bitcoin server
flatpack | SSH | SCP | Backups | Hardware and networking | Zoho email hosting |

To better making and for more posts expecting your valuable opinions and suggestions. I’m always happy to hear from you, adding my contact options below.

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